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What’s happening Stateside?

January 27, 2014

You may have read it in the press, or heard about it from a contact; the U.S. is finally considering lifting its ban on the...Read more

100 days as CEO

July 12, 2013

This month Kevin Rogers marked one hundred days as CEO of AeroMobile. Here he gives us an insight into what’s helped the bottom line since...Read more

Try out inflight roaming on your next flight

June 11, 2013

We’re all used to being connected 24/7 and being at 30,000ft is no longer an exception. However, if you’re still confused about inflight roaming, read...Read more


Have a happy #bankholidayweekend - enjoy 4 days in the #sunshine! Thanks to new followers this week: @planespotted @jennlnagy @NeptuneCS

Read about #mobile #connectivity trends among UK flyers on @BTN_News - 50% expect #inflight service will become norm

Check out @paxintl for the low-down on #AIX2014 & see pg 29 to get #inflight mobile connectivity insights frm our CEO

Check out our newsletter for an insight into our world of #inflight #mobile #connectivity - #paxex #avgeek

We've got that #fridayfeeling - have a great #weekend! Thanks to new followers @inflightFeed @vl_bryan @techpubsglobal @NewAirportIns #FF


Inflight Mobile Picks Up Pace With British Travellers

April 9, 2014

British travellers are more likely to pick up their mobile phones inflight to send an email or browse the web than to make a call...Read more

Boeing Delivers First B747-8 with AeroMobile Connectivity

February 7, 2014

Today, Boeing will deliver the first B747-8 to be fully line-fitted with the AeroMobile inflight mobile service. The aircraft took its delivery flight from Seattle...Read more

Lufthansa Rolls Out Mobile Phone Services with AeroMobile

February 6, 2014

Europe’s largest airline, Lufthansa, has launched its inflight mobile phone service with AeroMobile, allowing passengers to use their own mobile devices to text and browse...Read more