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Inflight connectivity is here for the long-haul

The world might have just gotten even smaller, with the announcement that Qatar Airways is planning the world’s longest direct flight between Doha, Qatar, and...Read more

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Inflight connectivity now available on SWISS

AeroMobile fleet continues to expand with Switzerland’s flag carrier SWISS International Air Lines   Leading inflight connectivity provider, AeroMobile, has partnered with SWISS to allow...Read more


Wireless charging technology is making its way to aircraft, meaning #passengers can charge their devices #inflight:

Since launching in 2008 over 40 million passengers have successfully #connected to our inflight service! #TechTakeover #avgeek

Have you checked out our new website? #mobile #connectivity

#FridayFact: Since launch more people have connected to our network than the population of Denmark, UAE, Serbia and Sweden combined

Google's new keyboard includes an integrated search feature making it even easier to share links & images #inflight.

Check out Heathrow's vision for the future of the airport - which is your favourite? Via @FutureTravelX

Since launch over 66 million #SMS have been sent and received - if all SMS used the max. 160 characters that's 10,560,000,000 characters!

Microsoft unveils the #smartphone future: touch-free sensor screens via @independent. Hassle-free #inflight browsing