Air BerlinAir Berlin launched the AeroMobile service in November 2015, and were the first airline partner to launch the 3G network.

Aircraft types

The first aircraft to offer AeroMobile services was an A330-200. The service will be rolled-out to selected A319, A320 and A330 aircraft in the coming months.


The first flight with the 3G network was from Dusseldorf to Dominican Republic in November 2015. The inflight connectivity service will be available extensively across short-haul routes flying from Air Berlin’s German hubs throughout Europe, as well as flights to the US, Caribbean and South East Asia.

Roaming information

Passengers from over 350 operators worldwide can use the AeroMobile service onboard Air Berlin, including customers with the German operators below:

  • T-Mobile
  • ePlus
  • O2 Germany
  • Vodafone Germany

Please click here for your step by step guide to getting connected on your flight.