Mobile Services

AeroMobile’s inflight network enables airline passengers to use their mobile phones for voice, text and data at 30,000 feet – just as they would on the ground.

AeroMobile, a subsidiary of Panasonic Avionics, have teamed up with a number of airlines to provide mobile connectivity inflight so passengers can stay connected from gate-to-gate.

The service is easy to use with no onboard registration or payment. If you have roaming enabled as part of your contract, and your home operator has a roaming agreement with AeroMobile simply take your phone out of ‘Flight Mode’, when it’s safe to do so, to connect to the network.

The mobile phone services include:


  • Make and receive calls
  • Check voice messages

Not all connected flights allow voice services, the decision is that of the individual airline.


  • Send and receive SMS
  • All messages received are free of charge


  • The fastest growing service
  • Update social media
  • Check emails
  • Browse the internet

How does it work?