Who is AeroMobile?

AeroMobile is a UK based mobile service provider for the aviation industry. We provide services that enable airline passengers to use their own mobile phone for calls, texting and mobile data whilst inflight.

Is it safe? Why can we now use phones in-flight?

You can only use your mobile phone on an aircraft which has been equipped with the AeroMobile Network. Specially certified hardware has been installed inside these aircraft to make it safe to use mobile phones onboard.

How does it work?

AeroMobile works like any other mobile phone network. If your home operator has a roaming agreement with AeroMobile, you can use your phone or tablet just as you would when roaming in another country. Find out more here.

When can I use the service?

The cabin crew will make an announcement to let you know when you can turn your phone on and use the service. The AeroMobile network becomes available when the aircraft has reached 6000 metres above the ground. The network is available throughout the cruise phase of the flight but phones must be switched off for take-off and landing.

What should I see on my device?

Once you’ve turned on your device you should connect to the AeroMobile network fairly quickly. AeroMobile will be displayed as the network provider and you will receive a welcome text message. You can then make and receive calls, texts, email and browse just as you would on the ground.

How much does it cost?

When in-flight, roaming charges apply. Prices are set by your home operator and vary between providers. Charges will appear on your existing mobile phone bill, just as when roaming abroad.

Considerations when using data?

Different devices typically use different amounts of data. Standard phones use the least, then Smartphones, then tablets and finally laptops. In terms of Smartphones, Blackberry devices are more data efficient than iPhones or Android phones.

Different activities also use different amounts of data. (In order of data use, least is instant messaging, followed by email, browsing, applications, streaming music, and finally streaming video.)

Note: You will need to disable Wi-Fi connectivity to use mobile data. Some applications send and receive data in the background (i.e. emails, weather updates, etc….) this can usually be managed within the application settings.